Aidan's ICO Incident Trends (this), aims to provide the most up to date information from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) security incident reports submitted by government organisations and private companies.

Data security incidents are breaches of the seventh data protection principle or personal data breaches reported under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and a major concern for those affected.

The UK Government body, called the Information Commissioners Office publish this information in non-standardised spreadsheets, however they have recently included their own, more adaptive Microsoft Power BI dashboard. This website breaks down the information collated to provide insight and overview of the data contained inside the spreadsheets.

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Use the links below to view the most recent UK Security Incident Trends by Year or by Category

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Quick Statistics
  • The most prominent cyber incident is categorised as Other non-cyber incident
  • The sector with the most cyber incidents is Health
  • So far there have been 0 security incidents reported this year * **
  • Last year there were 0 security incidents reported **
** Data annualised as incidents are reported by quarter, * ~2022-2023